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Flow Chart of Control of nonconforming product Process
Flow Chart of Control of nonconforming product Process
Type: Measurement,analysis and improvement
Name: Flow Chart of Control of nonconforming product Process

Nonconforming product is defined as product that does not conform to customer requirements; applicable regulatory requirements or requirements from our own company. The definition also apply to nonconforming processes and services. Nonconformities may relate to suppliers and outsourced work; activities in our own company or product shipped to customers.

Rockpower has a documented procedure for nonconforming product including controls and responsibilities to - identify; contain,(i.e. prevent further processing or use); keep records of the nature and other details of the nonconformity; notify appropriate personnel and customer, where appropriate; evaluate what disposition action needs to be taken; carry out timely disposition; determine policies for release for further processing or shipment to the customer; obtain customer concessions; rework and re-verification; establish performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the control of nonconformance process; etc.

Product or material found with no identification or its quality status is not known, should be treated as nonconforming product and controlled by the above procedure.

If we find that nonconforming product has been shipped, without a customer concession, Rockpower ensure to take appropriate action to reduce the immediate and consequential effect of the nonconformity.Depending upon the seriousness and scope of the nonconformity, Rockpower will consider taking action to eliminate the nonconformity as well as corrective action to eliminate the root causes of the nonconformity.

Rockpower ensure that we obtain a concession authorization allowing us to ship nonconforming product, or a deviation authorization allowing us to manufacture product different from the original specification under controlled conditions in writing prior to shipping or manufacturing nonconforming product.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of control of nonconforming product may include - reduction in cycle time to evaluate and dispose of nonconforming product; reduced errors in preventing unintended use or delivery; improved alternate use of nonconforming product and cost recovery; etc.

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